Giada Sun
Main Tools
Sketch, POP, Principle
Wet-bulb is a weather mobile app prototype that helps people working outside during intense heat avoid hyperthermia by providing reminders and weather info. Wet-bulb temperature (WBT) is a measure of how much moisture or water vapor is present in the air, showing the latent heat of a moisture loaded air. This is the final project for Designing for 2D Experience Workshop taught by Blair Johnsrud and Jens Obel.
discovery & challenge
How might we provide notifications for people staying in high-temperature and high-humidity environment to avoid fatal hyperthermia?
Rising humidity can worsen impact of higher temperature, affecting people's ability to work or even survive. With muggy heat, the air is already heavy with moisture, so sweat stops evaporating, halting a process to cool the body. If there is no air conditioning, organs strain and can start to fail.
First version of wireframe
Second version of wireframe
Interactive prototype created using POP
Stay informed with reliable weather forecasts, real-time alerts, and interactive reminders.
Swipt up to review your notification history.
Learn more about heat-related illness and prevention.
Get contact information for nearest hospital under emergency circumstances.