Giada Sun, Jessica Fan, Gayathri Gopalakrishnan
Main Tools
Makey Makey, Processing, WebSocket, Illustrator
WATevER is an interactive water dispenser which attempts to raise people's awareness of global water crisis. About 844 million people around the world lack access to clean water. Without clean and easily accessible water, families and communities are locked in poverty for generations.
We created an installation that mimicks the experience of accessing clean water in various countries. The steps to fully engage with the installation were as follows: Put a cup underneath the water dispenser, push the pedal to spin the game wheel, which holds the names of different countries on its wedges. Based on our referenced statistics for that country, the cup would be filled with different amount of water. The chance of landing on a country is random, participants have no control over which country they access water from in the same way that people have no control over which country they were born into.
This is one of the projects for Designing Interactive Spaces Workshop taught by Joshua Walton and Pierluigi Dalla Rosa. We started from brainstorming and pciked How might we use water to experience inequality as our design opportunity. I developed an application to draw graphics and control electric pumps through internet using Processing.
We bodystormed the first prototype
Control the water pump using WebSocket