Exhibition Designer
Giada Sun
Project Lead
Larry Shea
Main Tools
Unity, Vuforia, Cinema 4D, Illustrator
Ghosts in the Machine explores how phone-based technologies can be used in performanced contexts. The goal of the project is to build a scalable plateform for the creation and presentation of unique, multiple sites across the city.
I worked with Professor Larry Shea on the exhibit area in Causing a Scene in Miller Gallery to present the achievements of his project over the past few years, including location-based storytellers, landmark-based Augmented Reality experiences, and an experimental theater project using AR technique. My challenge is to design an interactive space to immersively experience the project's vision.
I designed the exhibit area from drafting, printing, to assembling. I also developed an app on iPad using Unity for realizing Augmented Reality experience. The exhibit area was rebuilt in Founders Exposition as one of the 50th anniversary events of Carnegie Mellon University.