Giada Sun, Joyce Wang
Main Tools
Processing, Kinect 2, Max/MSP
Frail but Indomitable is an audiovisual interactive installation which aims to reverse the relationship between spectator/gazing and woman's body/gazed. The installation was primarily inspired by The Malady of Death, a novella by Marguerite Duras, and La Maja Vestida, a painting by Francisco Goya from the early 1800s. It's one of the class projects for Video and Media Design System Studio taught by Larry Shea.
Duras describes a female character as fail but indomitable in his novel, highlighting the power she has over the male character despite being controlled sexually. La Maja Vestida is in fact one of a series of two paintings – one nude and one clothed. It is one of the first paintings with a female character gazing directly at the audience. The nude version is also one of the first to portray female pubic hair.
Inspired by the female characters and complex power dynamics in these art pieces, I worked with Joyce Wang, an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science and Drama, to create this media installation to explore power and control between the digital image and the spectator, between the female body and the rest of the world.