Media Designer
Giada Sun
Camera Operator
Nai-ti Gu
Main Tools
Resolume, After Effects, Illustrator
Belle Reprieve is an experimental theatrical performance which looks at Taiwanese local queerness by deconstructing canon and blurring the boundary between actor and character. The original play was created by Split Britches and Bloolips, taking on A Streetcar Named Desire and the mythic proportions of Stanley and Blanche. Belle Reprieve looks at gay and lesbian sex in the 1940’s and both honors Tennessee Williams and turns him on his head.
I worked with the director, Peng Hsu, to translate western queer culture, integrating four queer actors' personal experiences into the new version and introduing the masculine canon, A Streetcar Named Desire, to Taiwanese audience. As the media designer, I explored the possibility of live camera which would be always on on stage in order to deconstruct the play by breaking the fourth wall seperating actors from audiences.
The show premiered in Taipei Wellspring Theater and was reproduced in Tainan Arts Festival in 2015.